Havdallah in the Heritage House

June Update!

Shalom Everyone,

With your support and encouragement, we are continuing to do amazing things this summer at the Jerusalem Heritage House! Possibly the two biggest challenges facing the Jewish people today are creating strong Jewish personal identity among our youth and combating the global anti-Israel/BDS bias.

May Update!

Shalom Everyone,
We had an AMAZING Shavuos holiday at the Jerusalem Heritage House. Packed house with “lone soldiers” and Birthright Israel extenders, various Jewish educational opportunities throughout the Old City, festive dairy meal, and prayers at the Kotel HaKatan (the “Little Western Wall).

Profile: Satchel Kornfeld

Profile of Satchel Kornfeld one of our newest lone soldiers. Originally from Oregon, Satchel moved east after high school living in D.C. for 3 years, followed by 3 years in Maryland. After visiting Israel on the Taglit Birthright program in 2012 and learning a little about his Jewish heritage, Satchel decided to return to Israel with intensions of volunteering in the Israeli Defense Force in the Winter of 2015. After a short time in Tel Aviv, He came to the Heritage House…

January Update!

We have had an AMAZING Birthright season, hosting tons and tons of guests! Giving constant tours, classes and advice (beds, food, HEAT, and clean laundry) to so many that stuck around to see more of what Israel and Judaism have to offer. At the same time, we did not neglect our dear “lone soldiers” and our various projects to strengthen the Jewish Presence in the Land of Israel. Whether it was raining, snowing or sunny – we made every day count!