January Update!

We have had an AMAZING Birthright season, hosting tons and tons of guests! Giving constant tours, classes and advice (beds, food, HEAT, and clean laundry) to so many that stuck around to see more of what Israel and Judaism have to offer. At the same time, we did not neglect our dear “lone soldiers” and our various projects to strengthen the Jewish Presence in the Land of Israel. Whether it was raining, snowing or sunny – we made every day count!

September Update! Year Review!

[title type=”h1″ font_size=”” font_family=”Open Sans:300,400,400italic,600,700″ line_height=”” bottom_indent=”” align=”center”]Its been an absolutely incredible year for the Jerusalem Heritage House![/title] Shana Tova – Happy Jewish New Year from the Old City of Jerusalem!! Its been an incredible year for the Jerusalem Heritage House, with more accomplishments than any newsletter could possibly contain. We had many, many highs…