Hands On In Israel

Hands On In Israel

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The Heritage House continues to be involved in projects around the country to help develop and assist in building up our land!  We are currently working hard excavating an Ancient Synagogue in Hevron and are making serious progress.  We are hoping to finish around Pesach so everyone who comes to Israel for the holiday can come and visit!

We still need your help funding the last leg of the project.  We are looking for someone to (co)sponsor the entire project for a total of $400 (we got an anonymous $100 donation yesterday, yay!). Sponsorship will include cost of labor, tools, transportation, water and food, and a very nice sign proclaiming the presence of the Ancient Synagogue! This is how far we've come:

Everyone lends a hand

Lend a Hand

Even our guests' visiting parents pitch in!



Almost done!


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