Here comes the Summer!

Here comes the Summer!

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Shalom Everyone!

Our summer is already off to an AMAZING start at the Jerusalem Heritage House!

We have been fortunate to already be able to host tons of new visiting Birthright Israel participants and other young Jewish travelers who have chosen to extend their trips here over the past month.
They seem to be flowing in at all hours of the day and night looking to stay in the holy city of Jerusalem!
The overwhelming majority of our guests lately have been choosing to also attend classes locally, many going to the incredible Essentials Program at Aish HaTorah. Other guests are choosing some of the available more hands on and longer range programs such as "jInternships" and "Livnot".

Everyone here is truly having their own unique exciting, exhilarating, and inspiring experience - connecting more deeply to Israel, Judaism, and the Jewish People and we are proud to be a part of that for so many.

Hevron with the Levin Family of Charlotte

We were fortunate to recently have the wonderful experience of spending time with the Levin Family of Charlotte, North Carolina during their family trip to Israel to celebrate their grandson Tuvia's wedding.
In addition to their dedication and active involvement as one of the most prominent Jewish families in Charlotte, the extended Levin family has consistently been strong supporters of Israel and the Jerusalem Heritage House as well as close personal friends. 

We felt incredibly blessed and privileged to be able to celebrate the wedding along with them and to accompany them on a very special trip to Hevron - a first for many in the family.
While we were there Mr. Levin gave a very inspiring and touching speech at Beit Hadassah, I'm sure the impact of his words will continue to resonate within the family for many years to come.

At Home In Jerusalem

As we have now entered into the Jewish month of Tammuz, our thoughts begin to turn toward the historical events and difficulties the jews faced which culminated in the destruction of both Holy Temples and exiles of the Jewish People from Jerusalem.
With these losses in mind, we are committed to intensifying and expanding our activities to strengthen the Jewish presence here in Jerusalem.
Though the destruction has long since been over, the rebuilding has really only just begun and there is so much more we must do. In that effort many of our fantastic guests and former guests have committed over the next few weeks to contribute to completing the struggling minyan in the Kidmat Tzion neighborhood located in East Jerusalem. The power of prayer is limitless.

Another initiative we recently launched toward rebuilding, together with the Israel Land Fund , is a regular tour of the undervisited and not well known Shimon HaTzadik/Nachalat Shimon neighborhoods. these neighborhoods are undergoing serious struggles and enhancing their efforts to increase their Jewish populations as well reclaiming and rededicating the decrepit synagogues located there that have been desecrated and are currently inhabited by nonjewish illegal squatters.

At the Jerusalem Heritage House we continuously celebrate the renewed Jewish presence in the Old City and other areas of Jerusalem and are committed to do everything in our power to maintaining and strengthening our holy city and the jewish community in any way we can!

"Lone Soldiers"

We have been privileged to celebrate a number of milestone ceremonies with our many "lone soldiers". Those who have recently "graduated" from training will now be joining our other "lone soldiers" in combat positions throughout the country. With so many of our "lone soldier" guests serving in combat roles, we have adopted the custom of saying a special prayer for their safety at our weekly Shabbos Mincha with the Rabinowitz Family Torah Scroll. G-d should protect our soldiers from harm and grant them success in their mission of defending the Jewish People!


Once again we thank all of our friends for their support enabling all we do at the Jerusalem Heritage House.365 days a year - all day every day we are open and here to greet You and host young Jewish people.

We Need Your Help to keep going!

Donating monthly is easy, and it means the world to us, and makes the world of difference to those we host and care for here in jerusalem.Be our Partner for any amount you can And Through this monthly contribution ensure that together we can provide the best for guests of Jerusalem and the entire Jewish People!


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