Profile: Satchel Kornfeld

Profile: Satchel Kornfeld

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Satchel Cornfeld- Lone Soldier Heritage House

Satchel Kornfeld- Lone Soldier


Name: Satchel Kornfeld

Age: 23

Profession: EMT

Education: BS in History

Originally from Oregon, Satchel moved east after high school living in D.C. for 3 years, followed by 3 years in Maryland.

After visiting Israel on the Taglit Birthright program in 2012 and learning a little about his Jewish heritage, Satchel decided to return to Israel with intensions of volunteering in the Israeli Defense Force in the Winter of 2015. After a short time in Tel Aviv, He came to the Heritage House to experience life in the Old City of Jerusalem and has considered it home ever since. “I never thought I’d be living so close to the Kotel.”

Satchel working in the Shomron

Satchel working in the Shomron (West Bank) -Kefar Tapuach

The Heritage House has assisted Satchel to experience Israel through tours of many places and volunteer work on many projects. “Going to the West Bank in Kfar Tapuach showed me the truth about the West Bank.” “Pesach in Kfar Adomim was one of my best experiences in Israel to date and that wouldn’t have been possible without the Heritage House.”

Satchel working in shomron 2

Satchel helps build a Synagogue in Kfar Tapuach,

When asked why join the the Army at all, he said: “I believe in the state of Israel and I believe that we all need to do our best to defend it to the greatest ability we can.” Satchel is currently going through Basic Training though he will soon be informed of which unit he will be serving in.

You can follow Satchel's adventures on his blog Satuchuation .

To help the Heritage House support Satchel and our other Lone Soldiers you can Donate Here.

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